Positive Results from the Start

From the whole team, we would like to express our joy of working with Wildz Affiliates. Both the conversion and the retention rates have shown a great performance from the beginning, not to forget that payments are proceeded as quickly as any Affiliate could wish. Great services come along with great results!


Conversion and Retention Numbers are 🔥

Our team decided to jump into a ‘Wildz’ adventure a few months ago by starting a partnership with Wildz Affiliates. We are glad that we decided to do so; their team has been very professional yet friendly and extremely responsive, not to mention how quickly payments are being proceeded. It’s such a pleasure to work with Wildz Affiliates; may our partnership last long!


Wildz Helps My Conversion Rate

One of the nicest things about Wildz Affiliates is the company behind this program, Wildz Casino. The conversion rate I have at Wildz, meaning clicks resulting in registrations and deposits, is simply amazing. The best part is that is hasn’t taken any extra effort on my part because the quality of the Wildz product doesn’t need any help selling it to potential customers.

– Markus H.

Consistent Payments

I’ve been happy with how Wildz pays its affiliates on a regular schedule. We affiliates rely on these payments for our income (or at least part of it) and it is not nice how some casinos have unreliable payment dates. With some, I even have to wait many weeks. The fact that Wildz simply pays it’s affiliates regularly at the beginning of each month is more important to me than getting it right away. At least I can plan my budget knowing that Wildz will pay that first week of the month every time.

– Stefan, Heidelberg, Germany

Love the Downloads page

The Downloads page is a helpful feature. Most affiliate programs require you to log into your account to find branding images that are usually limited if they exist at all. Wildz Affiliates has put many relevant brand images directly on the webpage for easy download. The images are high-quality and have been a nice addition to building quality Wildz reviews.

– Ilkka

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